6 Misconceptions of the Cloud Technology

The use of cloud hosting is gaining popularity each day with many customers storing data there or for other functions. Many people see the cloud as a cure for their many IT issues. However, for some, they are still not sure if to switch to the cloud or not because of the misconceptions surrounding it.


1. The cloud lacks security

The truth is that security in the cloud is tighter than other systems. In fact, security for the cloud is enhanced throughout because cloud providers offer security procedures such as data encryption functionality that is more advanced than your capability. Good cloud providers employ professionals to increase security. Besides, your company’s data is safe in the hands of experts than in the in-house administrators that lack IT, experts.

2. The cloud comes in one size only

The cloud is a modular, flexible and can impact positively on the growth process of your company. Good cloud providers offer their clients an array of cloud-computing options that meet their needs. Besides, you can use the cloud on the modular basis that allows you to pay for what you use and have control over your resources. That will enable you to scale up or down on demand without the need to buy new hardware.

3. Building a cloud takes a long time

Surprisingly, the process could take you just a few days and not months as most people believe. A good cloud vendor will handle all migration aspects to ensure that you don’t waste your company time migrating to the cloud. In fact, the provider should offer you the relevant tools and information to fasten the process and ensure that it is painless.

4. The cloud is expensive

The truth is that cloud hosting saves businesses money. When switching to the cloud, you don’t have to spend money on buying or installing other components, which saves you the initial capital expenditure. The cloud provider takes care of the security and power details. They also take care of maintenance, cooling, and hardware refresh costs. Research indicates that almost every small business that uses cloud saves money.

5. Cloud technology is unreliable

Some people think that they will lose data when using the cloud technology, which explains why they opt to use their current systems. If you struggle to maintain consistent backups, then the cloud technology will work best for you. A good cloud provider will offer regular automated backups that keep copies of all your data so that you can recover in case of a disaster.

6. The cloud affects compliance

A good cloud vendor will make sure that you comply with the necessary security standards. Vendors are usually proactive in ensuring that the cloud meets the latest compliance standards to ensure that you comply with the law. Additionally, cloud hosting also takes care of risks associated with maintaining and upgrading software.