7 Tips to Setting Up Time Tracking Software Management Programs

Time tracking software for management is a sensitive subject for many employees. Incorrect assumptions about being "spied on" tends to make employees leary of being monitored. Below are seven tips to help you discuss some of these touchy subjects and get your program up and running successfully.

1. Focus Introductory Meeting In a Positive Light

The idea of being "monitored" and having "screenshots" of computer monitors taken periodically to track the progress of work completion can make a few employees nervous. People do not like to feel someone is looking over their shoulder as they work. Introducing employees to an impending change in software time tracking is a sensitive topic that requires an explanation of positive benefits. Job security is something every employee wants to feel on a daily basis. 

2. Privacy Assurances

Explain that the information is for the management team to see and not shared with the entire staff. Make sure you understand privacy laws and operate the software within legal parameters.

3. Explain Management Tools

Employees will feel more comfortable with the time tracking if you thoroughly explain the benefits you are seeking from the information. It is essential to understand how much time to expect in getting particular tasks done realistically. Readjustments to workloads can happen, which would benefit the employees. It can lead to smarter labor budgeting decisions. It can also help create more accurate timesheet calculations for pay.

4. Create Task-Oriented Monitoring

The software can be set up to monitor during specific task-oriented jobs. Allow some free areas for research opportunities, or checking personal emails that are unmonitored. All employees will appreciate a little unfettered relax period periodically through the day. 

5. Offer Incentives and Bonuses

You can throw up the challenge between competing employees to earn bonuses and incentives for completing tasks the fastest or finishing a certain number of tasks. The flexibility offered will help stoke up interest in participating. The more you can persuade the employees to jump on board voluntarily, the better.

6. Demonstrate Software Before Final Installation

Offer everyone the chance to "test drive" the timesheet software before fully installed on the computers or other devices. Show them all of the various features that can help them boost creativity and productivity. It will be less intimidating when the full conversion takes place.

7. Meet Regularly to Update Beneficial Results

Hold weekly meetings to update everyone on how much the information is helping in the management arena. These meetings do not have to be lengthy but provide a little feedback.

Improving labor management requires gathering the right types of information. Utilizing tracking software will provide all of the tools you need to make better decisions right away.